Customized Bag Organizer

Why Buy From Us?
1. This Leather Bag Organizer is designed to be reversible, it can be used inside out.

2. It helps to organize essential items like your toiletries, cosmetics, stationeries, art materials and more.

3. Its attractive graphics and sophisticated leather material allows it to be used as a standalone bag or as a bag organizer.

4. With the help of this versatile bag organizer, u can switch bags in seconds!

5. Send us a picture and voila! U can now own a personalized bag, THE ONE & ONLY!

Get one today at an affordable price!


NEW! With Zipper : RM60  (limited qty)

Dimension:26cm x 11cm x 17 cm
1 large pocket in the back of picture
1 pocket on the left & 1 pocket on the right
1 pocket on the left & 1 pocket on the right
2 large pockets & 3 pen/glue holders in front and key ring
2 large pockets in the back ( inside and outside )
2 top handles for easy grab

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 NEW! With Zipper

NEW designs
Directions - brown
Make a Wish - brown
 We're Smurfed! - brown (available with/without zipper)
We're Smurfed! - cream
 In the Garden - brown

 Fatty in the Jungle - brown
 UP we Go! - brown
 Lazy Brownie - brown (available with/without zipper)
 Hello Sunshine! - brown
 Chocolatey Splash - brown (with zipper)
 1937 - brown
 Feed Me! - brown
 Wa-chaaa!! - brown
Eat,Pray,Love - brown

Examples of designs available

Rachdyelle - Brown
Gorgeous - Pink
Hidden Kitty - Pink
Purple Summer - Brown
Music in Me - Brown
Holla! - Brown
Je t'aime - Brown
Rachdyelle - Brown
Je t'aime - Cream
Girly Girl - Cream, Brown & Pink

Je t'aime - White, Pink, Brown

Delicate - Brown, Pink

Precious - Brown, Pink

Glamorous - Pink, Brown

Gorgeous - Brown

Girly Girl - White

The Fair Lady - Brown
The Couture - Brown

Feel the Rhythm - Brown

Feel the Rhythm - Pink

Hush Hush - White, Brown
Pretty Pretty Please - Brown

Cotton Candy - Brown

Yummy! Yummy! - Brown

Nugget & Berry - Pink

Stick with U - Brown

Home Sweet Home - Brown

Pick Me Up - Brown

Play with Me - Brown